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We invite you to join us at NEEMA Bible College where you will learn about God’s unconditional love and grace. Once you graduate you will be equipped to take the message of God’s grace to the nations!

  • At NEEMA our only textbook is the Bible
  • NEEMA offers 2 year Diplomas in Biblical Studies
  • NEEMA uses the curriculum from Charis Bible College
  • NEEMA is mobilized and located in over 30 locations throughout Kenya
  • NEEMA classes meet one day per week
  • NEEMA is equipping the saints for the work of the ministry

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Course Descriptions

Below is a brief description of several of the core courses we offer at NEEMA Bible College.

Course Title: Sure Foundation
Author: Andrew Wommack

This course is divided into two subjects. The first expounds on the truth, and infallibility of God’s Word. The second part shows us that we all have a philosophy, system of thought, but challenges us to examine if it is according to the Word of God or the world’s way of thinking.

Course Title: Basics of Righteousness
Author: Andrew Wommack

This course teaches about our Spirit, Soul, and Body and our Identity in Christ. The Spirit, Soul, and Body is the study that explains how our spirits are complete in Jesus after we are born-again. It further explains how our souls and bodies relate to our spirits. The Identity in Christ study shows us from scripture who we are in Christ—our righteousness and justification.

Course Title: Holy Spirit I and III
Author: Wendall Parr

This course is an exciting course that discusses the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit. You will discover how the Holy Spirit has worked throughout history and how He is at work in your life today.

Course Title: Introduction to the Bible
Author: Barry Bennett

This course is designed to inspire confidence in the Bible as the Living Word of God by understanding its 1) revelation, 2) inspiration, 3) compilation, and 4) preservation.

Course Title: Bible Covenants
Author: Lawson Perdue

The purpose of this study is to learn about the nature of God as revealed in the covenants that He has made with men, in order to develop our faith in God as a way of life today. We will examine the covenants God made with Adam, Abraham, and Israel. Then we will consider the new covenant fully revealed in the New Testament.

Course Title: Romans
Author: Lawson Perdue

Romans – The revelation of righteousness. The Book of Romans is considered by many as the greatest exposition of Christian Doctrine anywhere in the Bible. The revelation of righteousness is the revelation of the gospel. In this class we see the need for the provision of, the way to and the power of righteousness revealed in Christ and received by faith.

Course Title: Excellence in Ministry
Author: Greg Mohr

This course covers two key aspects of ministry development and success: 1) Identifying and establishing the core values for your life and ministry. Compromise, deception, and failure are averted when core values are established in the heart of the minister. 2)The essential leadership principals necessary for the minister to both lead people to fulfill his/her vision and become a leader worth following.

Course Title: Relationship with God I-IV
Author: Andrew Wommack

  • This study emphasizes important truths about God and man’s relationship with Him. The Nature of God is a study of God that distinguishes between His character and His acts, contrasting the Old Testament with the New Testament.
  • Hardness of Heart deals with one of the major barriers that keep us from accepting God’s truth.
  • Authority of the Believer helps us receive the blessings God has for us and how to stop satan from robbing from us.
  • God’s Not Guilty shows us from Scripture that God is not the author of our problems, nor does He cause bad things to happen to us.

Course Title: Old Testament Survey I-VI
Author: Wendell Parr

This is an overview of the Old Testament, book by book. You will study the author, historical setting, purpose and theme of each book with special attention given to key passages.

Course Title: Galatians
Author: Barry Bennett

Paul’s inspired letter which is often referred to as the ‘Magna Carta’ of Christian liberty is reviewed and studies in terms of its great themes, grace, revelation, our identity in Christ, faith, the law vs. the blessings of Abraham, and life in the Spirit.

Course Title: The Ministry of Jesus
Author: Barry Bennett

An overview of the culture and context of Jesus’ life and ministry that will deal with His manner of teaching, the contents of His teaching and His declarations about Himself, His relationship with the Father, the Word, the devil, sin, faith, prayer and the Holy Spirit.

Course Title: The Fruit of the Spirit
Author: Greg Mohr

God’s first word to man connects our success in life to our fruitfulness – Genesis 1:28. The kind of fruit each believer has been given – Galatians5:22-23. This is a picture of the life and nature of Jesus. This course is an in-depth study of each of the fruit of the Spirit. You will learn the purpose, the rewards, and the means to fully develop and manifest the fruit of the Spirit in your life and ministry.

Course Title: I-IV
Author: Andrew Wommack

This course covers the subjects of prayer, healing, blessings and miracles, and how to harness your emotions.

Course Title: Healing
Author: Barry Bennett

The Christian life includes the physical health for all who believe. It is as much God’s will that we be physically whole as it is that we be born-again. Before anyone can have faith for healing, they must be certain that healing is God’s will. Faith cannot go beyond the knowledge of God’s will and God’s ways in the area of health and healing. This course will establish principals for health and healing and will explain healing in terms of the spirit, soul and body of man. We will learn what is required of us in faith filled Christians, and what is God’s part in the process of receiving health to our bodies.

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