The True Nature of God, Testimonies, and New Updates! – March 2024 Update

Pastor George Mungathia

My Life was Completely Changed as I Discovered the True Nature of God

After I got born again, I had nobody to expound the grace of God to me. So, after a brief time period I put myself under a yoke of bondage trying to establish my own righteousness. And I started losing the Joy of the Lord that I had at salvation.

Then in 2003 I was selected to lead a local church as a pastor. I was preaching a lot of condemnation for lack of knowledge.

I knew something was wrong, so I desired to go to Bible school. I asked God to lead me to a Bible school where I could get to know Him better. The only Bible school I knew of was at Nairobi but I had no money to go there.

Then in the year 2010 one of my friends who is a pastor told me about NEEMA Bible College. He invited me to the launch of NEEMA for the Maua class. I went to the launch the next Sunday afternoon. That’s the day I met Mike and Pat. As they started speaking the Word of God, I started to see the light. My heart was full of joy again. That evening I asked God to reveal to me if this is the Bible school, He wanted me to attend. That very night God confirmed that He is the one answering my prayer by sending me to NEEMA – just 10 kilometers – 6 miles – from my home.

That’s how I joined Neema and my life has changed since then. Now I am happy to be one of the Neema Bible College teachers. I love to teach others that they are righteous as they put their faith in a loving God.

Praise God, I now am equipping other pastors with the amazing gospel of grace – II Timothy 2:2.”

Pastors George & Regina Mungathia

The Church on the Move

Pastor George and Regina’s church is located in the beautiful Nyambine Hills where khat is king – a narcotic similar to cocaine. I remember the first time we visited Pastor George’s church. It felt like the whole village was high and vibrating – it was weird. The only people in the church were a few of George’s relatives and some friends. But as Pastor George’s revelation of grace increased, the good news went out and the church grew. Soon the Kangeta church had moved. Within a few months, there were wall-to-wall people in that new location. It was so crowded that they had to stack the chairs to give us room to dance during praise and worship. A few years later, the church found a plot to rent near the town center and erected a temporary building that was large enough to accommodate the growing Body of Christ. Today, the Kangeta Church is buying its own land where they will move their building permanently.

This Week Pastor George Sent Me These Testimonies:

  • Shadrack and Regina were blessed with a baby boy they named Victor. Victor had serious health problems and though he had been admitted in the hospital twice, he wasn’t getting any better. One Sunday Shadrack told his wife Regina they were not going to the hospital again. Instead, they were going to trust Jesus for the health of their son. The next Sunday they came into the church but Little Victor cried continuously. I called them out while the church was worshipping the Lord. I spoke the Word of God to them and we gave thanks to Jesus for healing little Victor. I then commanded healing to his body. Little Victor stopped crying, received peace and went to sleep. Since that day Victor is healthy and growing. Praise be to Jesus!
  • Francis is one of our church leaders. He had been having a stomach problem for a long time. He could not eat many types of food like beans, cassava or potatoes, but after believing that Jesus had already healed him, he can everything now. Praise be to God!
  • Daniel is one of the keyboard players. Daniel was in a motorbike accident. He injured on his left knee and the doctors said that he needed surgery. Because he couldn’t come up with the 50,000 Kenyan Shillings (that’s $350) for the surgery, he knew he had to trust Jesus. God has healed his knee and today he works as a bodaboda – motorcycle taxi driver.
  • Lucy is on our praise team. Her daughter got 345 marks in Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education and was selected to attend high school. However, her family didn’t’have the money to pay the school fees. Lucy started believing that Jesus became poor for her to become rich. And now an NGO decided to pay all school fees until she graduates. This same thing has happened to many students in our church; Kariuki, Peninah, Bernice and Kagendo all of them God has paid their school fees miraculously. Kariuki has finished high school with a B+. Now he is joining University. God gives us power to get wealth.


What Are You Eating?

Baby Talia was so sick when we got her. You see, her mama was too immersed in street-life to care for Talia so her Jojo (Kmeru for grandma) was giving 5-month-old Talia cow’s milk. That’s why she ended up in ICU and almost died. Praise God Talia recovered and was released to the care of her aunt, Fridah – who works for us. THANKS TO YOU, our partners, now Talia is 4 and she’s thriving – capturing everybody’s heart!

But what about you? What are you eating? What are you feeding your mind? News, Phones, Computers, Junk Mail, TV and More scream for our attention 24/7. According to Google, who knows EVERYTHING, American adults spend 3-5 hours on their phones every day. That’s unbelievable but true. Anxiety and depression continue to rise and my question is – are we looking for peace and joy on our phones?

Isaiah 26:3 says You (God) will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. So, the next time trouble comes, put down the phone and look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.

Thank You for Your Prayers and Financial Support.

Inflation is escalating rapidly in Kenya and our teachers needed help. Last month we were able to increase our basic teacher’s salary. Still most Americans make what we pay them monthly in less than 2 days and we wouldn’t want to live like them. We are blessed here in America and we thank you for being a blessing to the peoples of the world as you give.

May God Richly Bless You!

We’re Coming to Meet You Soon

Dennis, Emma and even Little Zoey have got their passports We’re planning on them coming this fall so that you can meet Dennis who is the one on the ground directing Heart of God Kenya.

Please Pray for Us to Get Our USA Visas which are Difficult to Get. Thanks!

monkeys in kenya

Monkeys Like These Eat Breakfast With Us

Monkeys like these eat breakfast with us when we are out at our Bible College on the Indian Ocean Coast. We just peeled a banana and presto the whole troop came in.

Jumping in and out of the door! Snatching bits of bread and fruit from each other! Isn’t’ that at bit like us? Snatching bits of doctrine from God’s Word. Fighting over the ones we hold to be most sacred while ignoring others completely. In Acts 20:27 The Apostle Paul admonishes church leaders to “Declare the whole counsel of God.” Through NEEMA Bible College our goal is to teach God’s whole counsel. Currently there are 29 locations throughout Kenya with 373 students. Because you care enough to share, church leaders from several different churches are being equipped to preach the Good News of Gods unconditional love and grace to their people. Together we are changing churches throughout Kenya.