A Powerful Testimony and Our Choices Youth Program – October 2023 Update

We had to get out of the way as this train of donkeys carrying sacks of gravel.  They demanded the right-a-way in the ancient streets of Lamu.

A healthy, physically fit donkey can carry up to 20-25% of its body weight, which is significantly more than most other pack animals. As for me, 30 pounds carried 50 feet is extreme! I need help! Thank God for Mike. But what about the burdens of the heart?

While we were in Kenya, this summer my heart got heavily burdened.  Unemployment is 60% and higher.  Over 50% of those employed are making less than $2/day which is barely enough to eat on for one person.  These are not just numbers any more, these are our kids and precious church members. Poverty’s cruel hand is trying to strangle them! Is Jesus really enough? Do we as parents continue to feed our 27-year-old kids?  Tough questions.

Jesus is the only answer. He said, ”Don’t let your heart be troubled. You believe in God- believe also in me”.  John 14:1 

Lord, I believe

Their beautiful worship of Jesus brought tears to our eyes.

Would you believe this group of 20–30 year-olds come together every Wednesday to study God’s Word and praise His holy Name?

Neema bible college regional map in Kenya

Testimony Sent by
Rose Kwesi –
2017 Graduate of
NEEMA Bible College

“God is Doing Great Things Here in Kenya”

I have a BIG testimony what God has done through the faith that you taught us in Neema Bible College. there was a young, 32-year-old woman who had been sick for many months. At the local hospital, she was diagnosed with anemia and cancer. She was told to go to Kenyatta Hospital where they could remove the tumor and give her chemotherapy. Even after that, the doctors gave her little hope. That’s when her sister brought her to our house.

Immediately, we began teaching them both about faith. Then we prayed for her and she got healed completely! Within 4 days she increased weight 3kg (7 lbs.). Her doctor was very shocked! He cautioned her to avoid eating acidic food. After we prayed again, she eats everything! We thank God for those great miracles.

peter from kenya

For I was hungry and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in. Naked and you clothed me. – Matthew 25:35-36

100 million kids live on the streets worldwide.100’s of the kids run the streets of Meru. No, they shouldn’t be out there but they are. Peter Mwendi was running with the street boys in the market when his sister, a former street girl- who now was our daughter saw Mwendi and we brought him home. Since day one, Mwendi has been a blessing! At 9 years old, he couldn’t write his name but eager to learn. He surprised all of us when he was writing in 2 languages and doing long division after only one year. He’s smart! He took the simple game of Genga Tower Game and created 8 new games. Definitely he has the making of an engineer. Right now, Mwendi is in 6th grade and is the class prefect – the president.

Why Do We Even Have to Address These Issues?

I am proud to be in Missouri where people think logically. On August 28th of this year Missouri passed a law stating restricting trans-gender procedures on children (persons under the age of 18). God create male and female – even if you don’t believe this- it is still the truth. Earth’s Creator God who created gravity to keep us from floating into space- only created male and female. Argue with that all you want. Change your looks and actions too but when your bones are dug up 100 years from now, your DNA will identify you as male or female.

I am addressing these issues because I love my country America. Also, because there are over 500,000 abortions in Kenya every year. This is why I am writing a series of lessons for youth called CHOICES. Choices addresses topics such as Marriage, Money, Vision, Pornography, Purity, Abortion, LGBTQ+, Evolution, and several other topics. Giving Biblical guidance to our young people will equip them to make the right Choices – Pray that they listen.