Urgent Prayer Request

We just got back from 3 months in Kenya and wanted you all to pray about a few of the things that are going on there. As you know Mike is always telling everyone where NEEMA Bible College is going and sometimes you have asked if we’re there yet. In July we taught ‘ A Sure Foundation’ (NBC’s first course) in Lamu County which is one of the 6 places God told Mike to go in 2003.

NBC’s new class in Lamu had 37 students. Three classes will be held in Lamu County twice a month, starting August 28. Lamu is 240 kilometers from Kilifi- where our Coastal Regional office is located. There’s only one road between Lamu and our Coastal Regional office in Kilifi and it’s DANGEROUS!!! Victor – our coastal director – walks in authority like Mike does. Otherwise, this mama bear – me – would be protesting NBC starting in Lamu. But God said it was time to start, so we have begun.

NEEMA Bible College

Lamu County, Kenya

Starts July 31st, 2023

As we got ready to leave Lamu, Mike couldn’t decide if we would drive or fly out.  When we finally left by car, just a couple of miles down the road, there was a police road-block. So we had turn back to Mpekatoni Town where we had started the new NEEMA class. The next morning, we planned on leaving right after breakfast but Bishop Jeremiah – who is the head of Lamu County pastor’s association and is hosting our NEEMA classes – showed up in our hotel so we left later. Praise God because at 8 that morning, Al Shabaab terrorists randomly fired shots on vehicles – on the same road – at the time that we were planning on traveling. Two people were killed and ten other people were shot and 10 more are missing. Almost every week Al Shabaab attacks travelers on that road. 

There was another attack in Lamu this Tuesday. They killed two people and destroyed a lot of properties including burning down Salama Redeemed church. The pastor at Salama is Pastor Peter Muthengi who was appointed to be the class rep in our NEEMA class. The church building is just 5 miles away from Mpekatoni church.

Our brand-new students went to Salama Village to encouraged the people with the Word. It’s the village where the 2 people that were killed by Al Shaabab lived. The devil is intimidated and he is trying to scare us off. Since we stepped in, there have been frequent attacks. This tells us that Mike really heard from God that it was time to go to Lamu. And it is time for all of us to pray for knowledge from the Holy Spirit to tell us when and how to travel.

soldiers in lamu county kenya

Lamu is 90% Islamic and it is the alternate Mecca for African to make their pilgrimage to. The Churches in Lamu are under constant persecution so the people are eager for knowledge of God’s love and grace. There was an urgency in the students to be equipped to spread God’s love and grace to their Islamic neighbors so that they can have peace.

Pray for Peace as the Light of the Glorious Gospel Penetrates Lamu.

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