Freeing the Captives, a NEEMA Graduate Testimony, & Our 2022 Expenses – May 2023 Update

Freeing the Captives

Why Not?

God told Moses to cross over the raging sea, Gideon to fight the 22,000 soldiers with only 300, Ananias to pray for the Christian-killer, Saul. We cringe when He asks us to tell our fellow workers that Jesus loves them. Our job might be at risk and we have obligations to feed our family. Can’t God supply all your needs?

What is God telling you to do? He seldom asks us to do
things that are easy. He’s the God of the impossible and
He wants to include you in His dare-devil plans. Trust Him.

women siting at a Christian meeting in Kenya

Raising Destitute Kids

OUR KENYAN KIDS are finishing college or trade schools this year. Our plan was to phase out the children home when that happened. But there are wee ones that need a family. And there is a 5-year-old girl somewhere in Kenya that needs to be with us. Mike has seen her in re-occurring dreams. Taking little ones is a 20-year commitment- it’s challenging but our God is faithful and He will do it. Please pray for us as we do it.

NEEMA Bible College Testimony

When we opened NEEMA in 2007, we didn’t have the money to expand HOGK, but our leaders needed training so we opened NEEMA.  Now ,17 years later, over 1,700 students’ lives have been empowered with God’s Word.  This past year, Simiyu from our class in Sibanga, Kitale, encourages others to join NEEMA Bible College.  Simiyu says, “When  I enrolled for classes I was struggling financially. But when I look at the tremendous results of believing God’s word, I decided to act in faith.  Today I can pay for basic  life essentials that I never had  before.”

Neema Bible College graduate

Why Not? Dare to Follow Jesus

Helping the Widows

Lydia makes $3 to $4 a day when she can find work. That barely feeds her kids.  When the rains poured into her wooden shack last month, everything got soaked. She asked our Kenyan Director – Dennis Mugambi – for help. After inspecting the situation, we were told that a new roof was needed but the walls were too weak to hold the weight of a new roof. The solution – a new house. Did we have an emergency fund to dip into?  No. But our God is Jehovah Jireh and He always has enough. Lydia and the kids moved into our office while the house is being built. And of course, the money came because our partners listen to God and gave.  Thank you very much.

Sending the Next Generation into the World

One by one they came full of flees, lies and scars. In time their broken lives started  healing and slowly trusted our love as they joined our family. Now one by one they have grown up and left. Some are musicians, taxi drivers, teachers, business men and others are cooks and heavy equipment drivers.  Each has his own story of heartache and survival. God’s love and grace has transformed them from street bums to His sons. They now leave home knowing that God has plans for them, not to harm them but to give them a hope and an expected end. 

Pure and genuine religion is the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress” James 1:27

Heart of God Kenya Expenses for 2022

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world.” – Matthew  24:14

God has called us all to reach the world.  We are so grateful that You, our partners are reaching Kenya through Heart of God. Kenya is where we are called. But we take the mandate to “Go into all the World” seriously. So, when you give, we give to ministries that are reaching other nations!

Below are some of the ministries Heart of God gives to.

“Go ye therefore unto all nations and preach the gospel.” –  Matthew 28:19

I AM Ministries focuses on spreading the gospel in the Philippines. Kurt and Isabel Minott are radically on fire for Jesus.  Whether they’re on the streets of Cebu praying for people or holding financial seminars in cooperate business offices– they’re sharing Jesus!   

Iran Christians International

We are so glad to know and support Mohammed and Susan Faridi who lead ICI. They are taking the true gospel of Grace to  Islamic nations, which has been on our hearts for years. Right now, they are in Turkey giving relief aid to remote regions that were destroyed by the gigantic earthquake on February 5th

Bryan and Sue Nutman, founders of Roots and Wings International, want all believers to know and walk in the confidence that they can hear the voice of God in a greater way, which stems from their intimate relationship with the Lord. The Nutmans hold practical, hands-on seminars encouraging people everywhere to expect to hear from God continually.

It’s a privilege  to introduce you to some  of the ministries we rely on to spread Jesus in various parts of the world.  They are all graduates of Charis Bible College where God’s grace in emphasized in every course.  That’s why we teach Charis’s curriculum in NEEMA.  Everyone, Everywhere needs to know they can receive God’s Grace= His Favor + His ability. YOU are spreading Jesus around the world as HEART OF GOD KENYA partners. THANK YOU!

mike and pat heiser

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