Makutano or “Sin City” – August 2022 Update

Makutano (Sin City)

When Meru town’s central business district gets dull and silent at sun-down, Makutano comes alive! Just 5 minutes away from our home, Makutano’s streets get wild and busy as all sorts of businesses open up. Bars, restaurants, butcheries, chemists- where both legal and illegal drugs flow freely. Discos and nightclubs entice customers as scantily dressed call -girls mingle with the crowds. Gangs of street kids run wild.

Many of our kids know Makutano because they once lived there. Street life seems fun for a season but hunger, addiction and death lie just below the surface of Makutano. And one-by-one Jesus has called them to come out from ‘sin city’’ and come into our home and into His kingdom of peace. Because you care Jesus is there.

the city of Makutano Kenya

Faith Comes from Makutano!

Months before graduating from high school Faith had been like a wild animal trapped and itching to get out on her own. When her last high school exam was over, she flew out the door.

First, she got a job babysitting a 4-year-old “monster” as she described him and left after the 1st payday. After that she had no trouble finding jobs but it seemed she was losing jobs as quickly as she found them… Then she finally got a job at a restaurant down by the University. They even provided “sleeping” rooms. Well, it didn’t take her long to figure out what was really going on! After being chased by the police at midnight she came home a frightened 19-year-old girl. The very next day Faith actually said “Thank you” to me when I passed her the salt at dinner. Then she bought me some beautiful earrings. AMAZING!

The REAL Faith, that had brightened our home in years past, was home again. Thanks to all of you who have prayed and support us financially. Our kids- the kids nobody wanted- have a chance to test their wings and fail and fly again. Faith currently is studying catering at Kenyan Methodist University. She also works at HEART of God Central printing curriculum for NEEMA Bible College.

Faith Neiyari

“An Eye for an Eye will leave
both husband-and-wife blind.”

Whether godly or not, we learn family values from our parents. NEEMA Western Region’s Director Obed Kibet and his wife Jacinta saw the struggles in the students ‘marriages . In Kenya polygamy was the norm until quite recently. These traditions still hold family life captive. The need for more teaching on marriage is desperate! So, the Kibet’s invite the students to join Marriage According to God’s Plan Club (MAGP). The club meets once a month in a new hotel where new ides- Biblical concepts for marriage are introduced and discussed openly.

In the photo is Mr. and Mrs. Kibet and they have been married for 10 years. They believe that marriage is God’s plan and it’s to be enjoyed. They share to encourage, give advice and give hope through God’s Word.

If you are in the area and would like to join MAGP, please contact us and let us know you are interested.

What MAGP Club Members Are Saying

Pastor Leonard: I was a dictator and treated my wife so harshly, I wasn’t the friend I am supposed to be to her. I never bothered helping her even with the kids and the house work. Now I have learned that marriage is between two people who become one with God’s help. These teachings have helped us even in our church. As pastors, we are able to give godly counsel to our church members and friends. We are also managing our finances with a lot of openness which has not been the case in the past. We thank God for what He is doing in our marriage.

Mrs. Mangeni: At home we were taught that men should never know that we have money. My money was my money while our husband’s money was family money. This brought a lot of strife in our marriage. Thank God now we discuss things out, we pray together and both participate in paying bills because we both work.

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